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Web, art & design

What do I do?

I do what YOU need. Do you have an excellent digital idea? Do you need help with designing or developing your site? My name is Jolan De Nef and I can help you!

Still not impressed? Take a look in my portfolio or on my social media!

Being a student in Interactive Multimedia Design, my goals are very simple: I just need to learn more. From programming languages to designing programs, I can have no limits to become a decent multimedia designer.

That’s why you need me and I need you! I am a motivated student and all assignments are a new way to learn my job.

In the first place a multimedia designer has a good way with developing websites in the way you need them. That’s a basic strength I found difficult to master at first. But I learned to just keep practicing and trying new things in the language. It became much more interesting and I learned to like it a lot.

Apart from being a multimedia designer I am also a musician. I am a guitar player and a bass player in four different bands. Art is what I like and what I do and I try to combine it with the things I study.

Design is very hard. I have walked a very long road from knowing absolutely nothing about design, to knowing very little more. There is just so much that isn’t discovered yet. Not by me and not by the most experienced designer in the world.

Assign me to your ideas, I can give it a structure, a body and a design. I am still learning very hard, but that is exactly why I need you.